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…where we put the Black Letter Law at Your Fingertips

Bar in a Flash cards were created specifically for bar exam preparation and are organized strategically to make the memorization process as easy as possible. Our comprehensive card system provides clear and concise legal rules and definitions so you can master both the essay and the multiple-choice sections of your bar exam.

The bar examination tests not only your reasoning, analytic, and writing abilities, but your ability to memorize. Your key to success will be having the legal definitions, rules, and exceptions solidly committed to memory so that you can properly analyze and answer the questions on the exam.

Flashcards are the fastest and most effective method of memorizing large amounts of information. However, creating your own flashcards for a comprehensive exam that tests your knowledge across multiple subject areas takes an extraordinary amount of time, time that should be spent learning and memorizing material.

This is where we come in – because we’ve done the work for you.

Bar in a Flash cards simplify the exam preparation process by providing you with the black letter law you need to know in a manner that will help you not only memorize but make sense of the myriad rules tested on the exam.